Welcome to my rayearth Page thre are already many out there so I will try to make mine as interesting as I can...I would be interested in running an E mail game so if you have a favorite character and wanna play see my E mail game section =) There will be character descriptions as I ge them up =) and even character sheet on certian characters for various role playing games..I also have a section that is not excactly Rayearth but it does have some Characters from there in Immortal Beloved..

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Rayearth Character guide:
Tales Of Rayearth: fanfiction section any one is welcome to send me stories i'll gladly put them up
My E mail Rayearth game : intersted please choose a character and e mail me with it
Immortal Beloved: Okay its not only rayearth characters but they are all lovers I am a romantic =)
Welcome to Cephiro: here is where you can find all sorta neat stuff for MKR from translation to art work
Me: This is for all my friends at traveltales interested in knowing about me !

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